Understand Your Salon Chairs – How to Fill the Hydraulic Fluid

salon furniture

Salon chairs like styling chairs, barber chairs are necessary pieces of salon furniture in hair and beauty salons. Most salons choose salon chairs with hydraulic system to provide a comfortable treat to clients as well as a convenient function to stylists and barbers. Most salon hydraulic chair put hydraulic fluid into use within the system to lift or lower the chairs to ideal positions with ease. Therefore, it is good for salon owners or the staff to know how to fill this piece of salon furniture with hydraulic fluid.

General instructions:

  1. Firstly put the salon chair to its lowest point by pressing down the foot pump downwards until it cannot go any further.
  2. Locate the fill nut of the salon chair. It is usually near the base of the chair. Just a simple wrench can help to remove it easily.
  3. Keep the hydraulic fluid on hand and fill it into the salon chair hydraulic system. It can be done by a funnel. The fluid can be purchased online or at local auto supply shops. One chair may take about four pints of hydraulic fluid.
  4. Fix back the fill nut on the salon chair by the wrench. Make sure the nut tighten to the chair again.
  5. Finally lift and lower the hydraulic chair by the foot pump for a few times to remove any excess air from the hydraulic system.

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